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LÁSER PIE We offer the best quality. Good value for money
Herramientas Pie, SL was created in 1987. We have the best machinery of the sector. We love to make your dreams come true. Our machinery,
We cut all types of material. We offer the best quality in our products through a modern system. Deadlines, express services and transportation.
All this and much more in order to guarantee the best customer service. Photo gallery of pieces created in our company. Here’s a summary of the most exclusive pieces. If you’d like to contact us here’s our e-mail address. We adapt to our customers’ needs. Your designs like you picture them.
IMAGE GALLERY There are all types of pictures in this gallery: big and smaller projects, our machinery, laser and services.
OUR PROCESS Through this diagram we are going to show you how we create things from the very beginning, step by step. We make different finishing touches according to your ideas.
To start with, we value the piece that we want to manufacture, receiving the files from our customers whether they are predesigned models or brand new designs. Once we get your idea, we proceed to adapt your design in order to start its production in our modern machines. When the design is perfectly planned, we send it to our machines where the piece by piece process will take place. 1 - IDEA 2 - PLANNING 3 - MANUFACTURING 4 - DELIVERY
C/ Dels Atmellers, nave 8 y 9 08213 Polinyà ( Barcelona ) Tel. 93 713 21 78 - Fax 93 713 22 68 e-mail:
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